Thursday, July 31, 2008

Packed and Leaving...

Packed and waiting, my body is certainly feeling the effects of its 4am wake up. It is only 9:45 and I have already had breakfast, cold pizza (we'll call it the 8am lunch), and packed 3 large pieces of luggage. I am feeling a bit surreal at this point.

If you're wondering why I woke up at 4am (perhaps you're thinking I am a grand procrastinator)... it is to insure exhaustion to a point that I will sleep a solid 8 hours on my flight back to Shanghai. It seems a bit cruel and unusual, but the benefit of getting back onto the 12 hour time difference is well worth it.

So here I sit at the dining table in my parent's kitchen- looking out at things I won't see for a while- blue sky, green trees, deer, wild turkey's, a variety of different birds... really anything that has to do with nature. While I will miss it, I am looking forward to returning home to my husband (who has reminded me every day for the last 10 days I have been gone- that I should never leave him again for that long :)