Monday, November 30, 2009

Okay, so that stuff I wrote about resting a few weeks ago was well, just stuff I wrote. It's true- I'm not good at resting. But I guess I'm not very good at taking my own advice either. All the intended rest I wrote about focusing on went out the window last week. As Thanksgiving approached and I realized this would be my last big cooking hurrah for a couple of years, I was inspired to go overboard on preparations for the holiday.

But really, this time I am done. I got it out of my system. As I greet this week with a sense of cooking "hangover", I realize that I have to slow down. My body and these babies won't have it any other way. This "multiples" pregnancy is really starting to feel like one.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh To Be Carrying 2....

I'm neither a good sick person, nor a good patient. Sitting and resting is not something I prefer over daily projects, things-to-do lists, cooking, going out, and the list goes on. I am beginning to realize that I am going to have to change my outlook and lifestyle in a big way. As my belly grows at an alarming rate, I am realizing that my ability to "do" is going to be greatly altered; in fact, it already has been.

I am quite hopeful that bed rest is not in my future, but I am also realizing that my activity and the amount of time I spend resting will greatly influence this. Currently, I am forcing myself to sit on the couch and watch TV...

If my VPN keeps working, I may even get to blog a bit more.