Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's been a while since I've blogged. In usual fashion, life is busy and I'm finding it difficult to balance and prioritize. School is crazy for me right now. I've been in class for almost 4 weeks and have already learned over 250 characters. My head is spinning and I find it difficult to process coherent thought after sitting and writing characters for hours. If only I had 10 extra hours in the day!

Last weekend we celebrated my birthday with some friends. Phil surprised me with a small intimate event at the house with a few good friends. We had a caterer come to the house and prepare canapes and small bites. Everyone brought a bottle of wine and a favorite cheese to start things off and we spent the rest of the night eating, enjoying each other, and taking in the view of the bund from our 55th floor apartment. It really was a wonderful night. I have posted some photos on our Picasa web album to the right.

For now, we are trying to maintain balance and clarity in our insanely busy lives. We are working hard to carve out time for our marriage and our friendships. Hopefully, we will eventually be able figure out how to fit further explorations into the mix. At the moment- I am just trying to find contentment in the craziness.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's a little after 10 pm on Wednesday March 4th, and my brain has checked out. Giving up all hope that I will think clearly (or see straight) any longer, I have stopped working on my current article about Paris. The deadline is drawing near, and though I see no other opportunity to finish it before then- tonight is certainly not the night.

I won't complain though. As I find little mindless activites to keep me awake- my husband is sitting at his laptop working.