Saturday, March 31, 2007

Journal Entries

After all the time and energy, planning and packing, we have made it to Shanghai. It is a bit surreal being here. I keep reminding myself this is an amazing time and experience. It is so easy to get carried away in the day to day stuff and forget what is truly going on around me. It is far too easy to take things for granted. So I have decided to start with a simple daily discipline. I refuse to get sick of the view from our apartment. Right now it seems impossible that I could look out onto this enormous city with the river below and thousands of buildings sprawling before me, and forget that it is really amazing, but I know better. I know the time will come when I look outside with no sense of awe or enormity overwhelming me. It happens to all of us. We have some really amazing experience, but eventually lose our sense of awe over it. We come in contact with it only occasionally, and when we do, we promise ourselves to revisit that sense of wonder more often, but again, we get busy and forget about it.

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