Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Farewell to the Trusty Wok

I hope to blog more regularly once we get more settled. It's hard to believe that 7 weeks in- we are not totally settled. The good news is- our shipment finally arrived. After a lovely bought with a head cold, I am off the couch and able to unpack the boxes that have been taunting and beckoning me over the last week. My kitchen is mostly organized, which is wonderful. I have a strange problem though. I have forgotten how to cook with multiple pots, pans and kitchen gadgets.

You see, over the last 6 weeks, I have been cooking with only one wok, one meat cleaver, a cutting board, and a colander. About 2 weeks in to my culinary adventure, something dawned on me. What if I didn't really need all the kitchen gadgets I owned? What if one wok was enough? It's crazy, I know. But really, I am mainly serious about this.

I remember when Phil and I were first looking at apartments here in Shanghai. I thought it was nuts when we would walk into a kitchen and see only two burners and no oven. I still maintain that no oven is nuts, but that's another subject. What if that sense deep within that tells me we are a people of “too much” is really true? With only one wok I found myself inspired by the challenge- creative with my cooking. Now that I am surrounded by all my wonderful kitchen gadgets, the Wusthov knives, the enamel covered cast iron double boiler I have dreamed of cooking endless curries in, the Kitchen Aid mixer that will assist me in the creation of tasty baked treats, the Kitchen Aid food processor, the ice cream maker (seriously), the waffle iron…….You see what I mean?- I find myself overwhelmed and quite frankly uninspired.

I would like to take this opportunity to remember the good times of old, the past culinary adventures of the wok, and perhaps find inspiration in remembering what was…….

The trusty wok......
Eagerly awaiting dinner...are those gouda smothered burgers?
Homemade soup, bread, cheese, and vino.
Not just any pasta...okay maybe it is.
An attempt at making homemade pizza sauce.
Mozzarella, asparagus, mushroom, fresh herbs...yum!

Smoked gouda, red onion, fresh pineapple..... need we say more?


Will said...

My only worth-while comment is that Phil's face sitting in front of his pizza is priceless! And the Wok, doesn't have to go, it's just that it has friends now to help you create with it. That's all. Less isn't always better, sometimes, it's just less.

josh said...

mmmm... gouda.

so shouldn't my dinner look better than what you're having to concoct with less than optimal gear? bummer...

Mom K said...

And my I miss you guys.

Anonymous said...


My only comment is ... man I miss you both.