Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Check Out Our New Photos

Life in Shanghai was back to its frenzied pace as soon as our feet hit the ground. Three weeks after returning from our European travels, I was exhausted and ready for some down time. Phil and I have both been busy with work and day to day life here in the city.

I finally found a day to sit down, go through our photos and post them online. For those of you who do not know how to access our photo albums, just click on the photo album link on the right of the page and enjoy.

I decided to do a little story telling along with the photos.

Will blog soon!
-Jen and Phil


Will said...

Yeah - so I looked at all of the photos at work, instead of working... and to say I'm jealous is kind of an understatement. Missing you guys like crazy! When can you come back to the states?

Great photos as always and loved the captions - job well done! Even if I'm the only one who comments - haha...

Kari said...

Seriously - some great shots in there! It is beautiful to me to think that someone I know is traveling the world and actually able to say "I'll be home from Dusseldorf on Wednesday" as if it was commonplace. There is certainly nothing common about the images you took - really great work. I especially like the different perspectives and the ferris wheel shot could win some awards for the clarity and composition. It looks like you guys made alot of memories on that trip. I also appreciated the yodeling ad - I am going to print it out and put it up in my office. Thanks for posting - even though I am a bad commenter - I look at your blog everyday. It's been exciting to see the world through your eyes. THanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. I just got finished looking at your pictures and all I can think is, "if the pictures are that breath-taking I can only imagine what it looked like to be right there!" Glad you had a GREAT, relaxing time. We love you and miss you!

Joe, Emily, "Joey", and Bella

Stef said...

your pics are awesome!

Curtis said...

so, In the pictures from Aachen I believe, did I see a person pushing a 2 wheel dolly with another person on it???