Saturday, April 12, 2008

So It Seems

It seems as though we will be moving into our new apartment on Tuesday morning. My apprehension comes only as a result of all of the crazy things we have encountered with housing in the last few weeks. The other side has officially signed the lease, the movers are scheduled, and well- all seems on track.

Everything has worked out brilliantly and better than we had hoped for in the long run. We got a great new realtor; found an apartment in a building with a great view on the 55th floor, and have a landlord that seems quite rational and easy to work with. We even got the serviced company we were using before to work with this landlord and provide the shuttle service we so appreciated having. Aside from turning out very well, we have learned a great deal about patience and perseverance.

Stayed tuned for more... Jen

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