Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fluffy Puff Marshmallow

The View From Here has certainly changed a bit. Today marks the start of week 24 in this crazy twin pregnancy and I will tell you how my view has changed. I can no longer see my feet, placing socks on them has become a new hurdle in my daily life, and when I can see these two little transportation devices- they are beginning to look a lot like fluffy puff marshmallows. I hesitate making this a gripe session about pregnancy, but honesty is an incredibly important element of journaling; and though this is a public blog, it is also a journal of sorts for me. I will say that I have been blessed in many ways during this pregnancy. I've had no major morning sickness, no complications, no signs of premature labor (as is more common in a twin pregnancy), I can still wear my wedding rings, and I can even zip up knee high boots if I feel so inclined! Though I fear the days of minimal swelling bliss may be coming to an end, I am entering my 7th month of pregnancy with 2 babies growing at an amazing speed and no major issues- so I haven't been doing so poorly.

Okay, so now that I am done with the "I know I have been blessed" element of this post- I am compelled to get on to some real truth telling here.

In the beginning of my pregnancy, my sister-in-law (who is also currently expecting a baby) received a funny little book titled "Pregnancy Sucks". I thought it was cute at best, but part of me wanted to be offended by its implications. I have been raised to believe (and for the most part, rightly so) that pregnancy is a beautiful and wonderful gift that should stand alone on a pedestal without challenge. Those who challenged such thoughts; were in my mind, shallow and short sighted.

I have now come to think that I could write a chapter in previously mentioned cute little book. My chapter would be titled "The Lovely Little Things We All Go Through, but Nobody Tells You About". However, in an effort to respect the tradition of silence (as well as getting into details none of you really care to hear about), I will remain silent on many of the specifics. Let's just say that the next time you speak with a pregnant woman and she seems to be complaining about trivial little things like finger swelling, back pain, shortness of breath, heart burn, or 20 trips to the loo in the middle of the night- she's just giving the dinner table version of her challenges. Be grateful she's not telling you about the rest of the stuff.

Today as I looked down at my puffy little feet in horror- I gave into vanity like never before. I got into bed, lay on my left side with my feet slightly elevated, and said over and over again to my body that it could not swell up on me. As if it should listen!

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