Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stretchy Pants

Tomorrow marks 30 weeks in this pregnancy. Each day brings with it blessings as well as challenges. As this has become a higher risk pregnancy, the threat of premature labor is very real. So we are happy with each day that passes because it is one more day that the babies get to grow bigger and stronger and more developed.

It's amazing to me how much my body changes every day. In the past week, I have noticed a marked increase in my girth and decrease in my mobility and comfort. At this point, I have gained over 40 pounds and I have another 15- 20 to go based on growth rates for twin pregnancies! Did I mention I have gained over 40 pounds at this point? And wait, there's more. We noted during my Dr's appointment today that I have gained 3 pounds since Saturday alone; and though I am technically 30 weeks tomorrow, I am already measuring at 42 weeks!

I won't lie- it's shocking to me as well. People keep telling me that I am all belly and I look great (which is wonderful regardless of its truthfulness). I would say that I am mainly belly (which also explains the back pain after 10 minutes of standing). After all, when is the last time you had to strap 30 pounds straight off your abdomen and attempt to stand for any amount of time? Exactly.

Until recently, I have been focused on maintaining a certain level of "grooming” during this pregnancy. I didn't actually realize the degree of my vanity until I got pregnant; but I found that once I was, I didn't want to be one of those frumpy pregnant women who wore moo moos or her husbands sweats all day every day (sorry to you lovely ladies who did). As such, certain things became enemies in my mind. Things like sweat pants, tennis shoes and the god- forsaken stretchy pant; though comfortable, became symbols of all that was wrong with pregnancy and fashion. To me, they were a sign of a woman who was giving up and hiding what could be a beautiful and vibrant time in her life.

Well I am here to tell you that it's true. I gave up. I went and bought stretchy pants the other day. In fact, I specifically went out in search of said cursed garment. I did my best to find a pair that I could camouflage into looking like a proper pair of pants, but who was I kidding? Stretchy pants are stretchy pants regardless of how you try to dress them up. They also happen to be the most comfortable piece of clothing I own at this point.

Note from the author:

As I sit here writing this, it has occurred to me that I may be attempting to compensate for my loss of conviction. I have managed to fit a manicure, pedicure, waxing, hair, and massage appointment all into this one week; the one week I happened to buy the stretchy pants. Coincidence? Hmmmm....

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