Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mom Says It's Time

Just today my mother lovingly reminded me that it was time for a new post. She's right. I will try to stay away from telling you the same old "life is busy here in Shanghai story". I will try instead, to creatively and artfully weave together some delightful story that creeps up on you in the end and effectively communicates the very thing I had promised not to do. Alright, I won't do that either. Or did I already?

In any event... As I type this post, I am standing in my kitchen cooking dinner. I would love to say I am off in the city exploring areas untouched by foreigners, taking advantage of grand photo opportunities, having charming encounters with locals... but the reality of daily life prevails. And here I stand in the kitchen, trying a new recipe for pork tenderloin- an ancho chili rub of sorts. When I am done with these preparations, I will begin my studies for the mandarin class Phil and I have tonight.

Fatigue tempts me to cancel our class this evening and play hooky, but the desire to break through the communication wall that stands so firmly between myself and real conversation with locals, prevents me from doing so. I find that Mandarin class can feel like a necessary evil at times. It is after all, an integral part of learning this, or any other language.

Other than our daily life here in the city, we are preparing to go to visit our friends Uma and Moreshwar in India next week. I have a hunch that living in China has prepared us for some of the unique logistical and digestive issues that foreigners face while traveling in India. I can hope anyway....

I do have much more to blog as well as some photo albums that I want to post. I think realistically that will happen when we return from India. I intend to have many stories and pictures from that adventure as well.

We wish you well and hope that you are aware of and enjoying the blessings that surround you at this holiday time.

-Phil and Jen

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