Thursday, September 18, 2008

OK- so my shins were sweating the other day...

With temperatures well into the 80's and humidity so high your shins sweat- I am seriously looking forward to the autumn weather here in Shanghai. So back to the part about shins sweating- I'm not kidding. Phil and I were out and about in the city the other day and I couldn't stand it anymore. Every part of my body felt smothered in heat. I realized that my shins were sweating and wasn't sure if I ever really felt that before. I decided to add that to the list of "you know it's hot when...".

That aside, hints of autumn are in the air. Skies are a little more bluish, the air is a little less stifling, and people are out and about in greater numbers. This is the time of year when you remember there really are 22 million people in this city.

Phil and I find ourselves at the 18 month mark in this adventure and I'm not sure how I feel about it. The time has really flown by. Here we are realizing that we're halfway through our assignment, and there is still so much we want to see and do. We have many travel hopes and plans as well as some personal goals we would like to see realized before we move on from Shanghai.

We are getting ready to take a much needed vacation- our first of this year in fact. I have been able to travel a bit on my own, but between our home leaves and his new job- we haven't had any time to travel together on our own. I can't wait!

I really hope to be able to blog more often and post more photos- it's just so busy here and when I sit down to write, I realize it's been a month since I last wrote (one of those personal goals I previously mentioned).

Well- off to do some work. More later...

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