Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's peach season here in Shanghai, and compliments of my friend Anne- I just finished eating one of these famous peaches. I have to say, it was the closest thing to chocolate I could eat and enjoy on such a level without actually eating chocolate. Thanks Anne! Now let's see if I can avoid the bag of peanut M&Ms shoved up in the spare bedroom closet... I think I hear them calling to me now.

Why the craving you wonder? Well, thanks to our newly Olympic-inspired fitness kick, Phil and I have started playing squash. (If Phil had his way, it would be synchronized swimming- but that's another story altogether.) We are in the midst of week two of our exercise-followed-by-a- game-of-squash routine, and the old metabolism has kicked into high gear; thus, making me want to eat everything in sight. Recognizing that I am no Michael Phelps (I heard that the man eats 12,000 calories a day!)- I am trying to resist such cravings.

Perhaps you have noticed my unusual number of references to the Olympics by now? It is my small way of acknowledging that the OLYMPICS ARE FINALLY OVER AND THE KINNEY HOUSEHOLD CAN RETURN TO NORMAL! I swear- if I hear another commentator, splash of a diver, whistle, jia you (Chinese "go-go), or anything else remotely related to the Olympics here- I will scream! OK- I feel better now.

Seriously though, I did enjoy the Olympics for the first week (admittedly, I loved the men's basketball the entire time). But after the first 7-10 days, I grew weary. I had what is commonly know as "Olympic Fatigue". One true sign of this "fatigue" is: twitching at the sound of water splashing or whistles blowing. Jokes aside- deep breath; it's all over.

I wonder what China will be like now that the Olympics are done in Beijing? I have often thought of this whole process leading up to the Olympic games like a bride who has focused so much on preparing for her wedding- that she never thinks of what will happen after the big day. Coming down from all the preparation, she finds herself depressed, unprepared, and feeling lost. Could this nation face a similar crash after the high?

I certainly hope not.


Emily said...

Splash! So, I'm not sure...did you wish the Olympics were still going on? He He He!

As if you two skinny Minnie's weren't skinny enough you know are excercising like mad people. Just make sure that when people are looking at you you face them...If you turn to the side they might not see you! No but seriously...I think that is awesome you guys are working out together! You are an inspiration to all of us here. That will be all for now as I need to go eat some more chocolate! Love you!
Emily for all

JoePearl said...

Hey Guys. Glad to hear you are playing squash! What fun. Joe and I have started cycling together...what a workout! We will have to catch you on Skype soon. All is well here....full-swing school, work, Harvest Kids, etc. Love and miss you!
Joe and Pearl

Shane Henderson AUS said...

Hi Phil and Jen, How are you both, from the photos you guys are looking like you are doing awesome!

I was thinking of emailing you guys and seeing how you were, and realised i lost your email when i had to format my poota, can you email me your email and ill email you lol :)
cool thanks heaps

Sincerley Shane and Bec Henderson
Down Under in Australia!! literally under China. lol
my email is in case you dont have it, but i think you do its

hope to hear from you soon
love yas