Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wait No Longer

Well, the long wait is over. Phil and I will be staying in Shanghai. A job offer just came through the other day and... we couldn't be more thrilled. Even Phil is thrilled. I only say this for those of you who got to speak with us while we were in the U.S. The popular thought for a while was that Phil wanted to stay in the U.S and I wanted to go back to Shanghai. It was true to some degree, but grossly exaggerated due to stress and the fact that I verbally process way more :)

Yesterday, Phil happily moved from the 35th floor back down to the 2nd floor. He was pleased to report that not only is there toilet paper in the 2nd floor restrooms- he actually gets an office with a door (more amazing is the toilet paper however).

We are excited about what the future holds. Phil's new position is one he is really looking forward to. We have an entirely different appreciation for our adventure here in Shanghai, and a renewed sense of purpose in our lives. This whole experience has really motivated and focused us, and we are grateful.

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Tony Blair said...

Great news! So how long will this new opportunity keep you in China? I can't wait to read your memoir of an American in China (with beautiful coffee table book images to support the essays...) j/k.

Seriously, I am glad that God has answered your prayers and kept you both happily in China, with toilet paper no less.