Monday, March 10, 2008


Phil and I continue to wait patiently for word on a position here in Shanghai. Fairly certain it will come through, but taking nothing for granted, we wait. Aware that each day that passes while we are here could be some of the last spent in Shanghai, we are taking advantage of all that we can. We are spending time with the people we enjoy, doing the things we love to do, and eating the foods we love to eat (OK Phil is, but I fully intend to get to some dumplings and greens very soon!).

As for Shanghai- spring is in the air. Sun peeks through the clouds and teases the city with its distant warmth and the hope of spring to come. Streets that were emptied by the cold grey winter, have come to life in the mild warmth that now greets Shanghai. Trees give way to buds, and the city gives way to this season of growth.

Uncertain what our future holds, or where we will be in the next few weeks- I stand in appreciation of this time... the city waking from a deep and wintry slumber, life unfolding in every corner, the hustle and bustle, the liveliness and excitement... all that is Shanghai- I stand, and take it all in.

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Kari said...

I told you I read everyday! Well it is good to hear you are back in China safely and my prayers are with both of you as you patiently wait.