Saturday, November 22, 2008


Phil and I arrived in Amsterdam yesterday afternoon. As we walked through the airport I was amazed to see all of the Christmas decorations. Living in a land that only celebrates the holidays as a commercial enterprise (and not even that well), it was really refreshing to see proof of holiday celebration all around me.

After dropping off our luggage and meeting up with some friends, we were off to find some food. Having settled on simple pub grub at an Irish pub, we cozied into a corner booth and placed our orders. I looked around the dimly lit pub and marveled at how festive it was. Christmas trees, garland, and wreaths covered the place from floor to ceiling. It was the perfect atmosphere. As temperatures dropped and snow fell outside, we were warming up under the dim glow of the Christmas lights; Belgian ales in hand, and a little Johnny Cash on the radio... all was well in my world.


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