Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's a sunny and beautiful Wednesday afternoon here in Shanghai. I made it through the last week and now I can start packing for our trip to Paris! After finishing an article over a week past its deadline, speaking in front of more that 500 people (just an announcement in front of church), celebrating my 6 year wedding anniversary, playing catch up on a weeks worth of reading, and finally taking my final test for Mandarin class; I can focus on the important task ahead- my trip to Paris.

So here I am, sitting at my dining table looking out onto the sun kissed city, listening to a little Billie Holiday- dreaming of the crepes, macaroons, and brie that will soon pass my lips. If food were a love language, I think it would be mine. Perhaps this is the real reason Paris is referred to as a city of love. It's not the beautiful architecture, or the magical way the city lights up at night. It's not the Eiffel Tower or even the magnificent Palace of Versailles- it's the pain au chocolat made every morning before dawn, the baskets brimming with crusty baguettes, the crepes of any imaginable filling, and oh...the macaroons ;) I can almost smell it all now.

Right- so by now you've gathered that I really like food and I am also really excited about our trip to France. Both observations are correct. Phil and I will be meeting with our friends Will and Jen in Amsterdam- where we will have just enough time to stroll the canals, eat some pommes frites with mayonnaise, and find our favorite schwarma vendor. After a day or so in Amsterdam, we will drive through Belgium and stay overnight in Brugge. In Belgium, we will visit the Chimay brewery restaurant to taste some of our favorite beer. What better way to enjoy your favorite beer, than to go right to the source! From Belgium, we will drive to Paris and spend the rest of our time there.

I say let the gastronomique journey begin!


-Phil and Jen

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