Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The couch and I have been spending some quality time together over the last two days. I have succumbed to the head cold everyone else in this city seems to have. As long as I am done with this whole thing by next Friday when Phil and I leave for Tibet, I will be happy. In the meantime, I am catching up on some much needed useless television watching, laying around, and over-eating.

Once I get past this- I have much preparing to do. As I mentioned above, Phil and I have decided to go on holiday in Tibet. We will leave the day after Christmas, but before we go-there are much Christmas shenanigans to be had. In the spirit of celebrating, we have been planning and attending a few Christmas parties this month and still have a few more to go.

Last week I hosted a Christmas cookie exchange at my house and it inspired me to eat (actually, I meant to say bake; eat was so much more accurate though ;)). I have been inspired to bake an array of family favorites for our Christmas celebration with friends next week.

Maybe after all this eating, a hike in Tibet is just what I need.

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