Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just a little something in the meantime...

I am long overdue for a blog update. It has been a busy couple of weeks since we got back from Paris. In the spirit of the holidays, Phil and I decided it was important to celebrate this year. You may be thinking "duh, no-brainer here", but things in this city are far more complicated than I can even communicate to you. A decision to go out in search of a Christmas tree, it's trimmings, and all that entails- is something many who live here would prefer only to having their teeth pulled out without drugs.

You think I am being dramatic, I know. I wish I were. I can tell you that the result of my two weeks of searching and scouring the city for decent decorations, has led to a fairly acceptable jewel toned tree and wreath (I know you're thinking- "Phil and Jen, yeah I can see them going for the jewel tones?!"), as well as a holiday luncheon and cookie exchange party. On the other end of those grand accomplishments- me with a cold and a desire to hole up in my apartment for the next month. I am a bit "done" with China for the next few days. I am ready for a break, and the ensuing cold tells me that my body is as well.

Happy Holidays! :)

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